St Louis Sash specializes in custom, made-to-order wood door, and windows. In addition to the woodworking, we also have various types of items for sale including PEMKO brand ( weather seals and thresholds, spring bronze and t-zinc metal weatherstripping and also some hardware items including hinges, locks and other hardware associated with windows and doors. We have a small collection of weights and pulleys, as well as other resources like chain and balances for old-fashioned double hung windows.

An abbreviated list of general project locations:

  • Old Courthouse, downtown Saint Louis;
  • Whitehaven, part of U.S. Grant’s local historic site, Saint Louis;
  • Graham Chapel, Washington University campus, Saint Louis;
  • Dozens of residents on or around Lafayette Park, Soulard, and the Central West End in St. Louis


In addition to our primary offerings of custom millwork and sales of support items like weatherstrip and various hardware St. Louis Sash offers other services on a limited basis.

Field measurements

Generally offered at no additional charge, depending on circumstances.

Product field adjustments

Despite the most careful measurements, often time it will be necessary to perform slight trimming onsite to ensure the best fit and operation of door and window products. This process is offered at an additional charge and is available for most projects.

Penetrating oil pretreatment

Certain products will perform better and have their longevity enhanced with this process. Linseed oil is thinned and applied liberally to all surfaces to impede water absorption. This is applied prior to glazing or assembling panels into doors and windows. This is also an additional charge.


Personally having spent many decades studying architecture as well as refining and expanding the company’s tooling collection, St Louis Sash has ability to produce many fine details in millwork. Our services include design consultation for and other historic projects based on this experience and background.